Eating Right

Eating Right

It is important to eat regularly for healthy weight loss and maintenance. It is also essential that you make the right choice of foods to eat.

When we eat food with a higher calorie or energy content than our body uses, the excess is stored as body fat in case we need it for later.

Starvation diets – where you try to slim down by not eating – are detrimental to your body, calcium, and fat-soluble vitamin stores. Even as a short term solution they can affect your metabolism and result in yo-yo dieting, which causes you to put the weight back on.

A good start is to make sure your dietary choices include good quality, whole foods.

Starvation diets are different to calorie reduction and fasting diets. Calorie reduction and fasting diets do still recommend eating.

With some fasting diets there is a period of time between each meal. That does not mean there is no food intake – it simply means that the type of food eaten has fewer calories and the meals are eaten at certain times.